- Sandbox

Welcome to the Eclipse Ditto™ sandbox.

You can use this sandbox to gather first experiences with the Eclipse Ditto HTTP API.
The Swagger UI for exploring the API will require authentication.

Visit the Eclipse Ditto documentation in order to learn more about the project.

Please consider that this sandbox has (very) limited resources - so don't expect a high performance setup.

Eclipse Ditto explorer UI

The sandbox also hosts the Ditto explorer UI.

Choose "ditto_sandbox" from the environment drop-down at the top right in order to explore the things in the sandbox.

Ditto WoT Extension Ontology

The Ditto WoT Extension Ontology can be found here: https://ditto.eclipseprojects.io/wot/ditto-extension#


When using the HTTP API you can authenticate with your Google account in order to use a user ID belonging to only you.

Alternatively (also in order to connect to the WebSocket API) you can use one of the pre-defined user/password combinations (which may be used by anyone) and provide them via "basic auth" Authorization header:

If you create any entity, either your Google user ID or some of the "basic auth" user's ID will be added to that entity in order to authorize you work with it.


This sandbox is running Eclipse Ditto version:



persisted Things in the Ditto sandbox
currently "hot" Things (accessed within the last 2 hours) in the Ditto sandbox